The Mini’s 60th anniversary was celebrated in fine style in Downton with a dedicated classic car show on May 4, organised by Downton Motor Club.

About 100 Minis, classic and modern, were displayed in the field on Wick Lane, joined by American muscle cars and other classics such as Pontiacs and Rovers, as well as steam engines.

Despite the wind, visitors from far and wide strolled around to indulge in Mini history, such as seeing the ins and outs of an Issigonis’s prototype, a gearless 1970 Mini 9X, or the numerous Austin or Morris Minis from before 1969.

Mini cavalcade, Photo by Ian Futcher

Organiser and Downton Motor Club chairman Steve Harris said the day was “very successful.

“The cavalcade run was very good as well; bit of an issue with delay and waiting time with some vehicles starting to get overheated. Other than that, it was very good and very well-received,” he said.

“It’s an exceptionally good turnout this year. I think we have more Minis here than any other year. I estimate there are at least 100 or so, and some of the Minis have a lot of history.

“Every year is a favourite year when you get to my age, so keep looking after ‘em!”

Salisbury Motorcycle & Light Car Club was there as well, showing off a selection of their fine bikes. Club member Roy Webb was awarded best bike in show for his 1913 Wall Autowheel.

Roy Webb from Harham wasawarded best bike in show for his 1913 Wall Autowheel.

Photo by Ian Futcher

Downton Motor Club – DEWS – currently has about 60 registered members in the UK, but would like to see more people from the local community joining the club.

As a social motorsport club, its members take part in races, such as hill-climbing and sprinting, and compete at historically-recognised venues around the country, some over 100 years old.

Racing is not a requirement, however, and everyone is welcome – no need to have been a Downton Engineering employee or own a Downton car, or owning a car at all: enthusiasm is all that is needed.

Visit for more details.

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