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America and Sports come hand in hand and have done for generations. With numerous victories in the Olympics as well as sports such as Football it is no surprise that there are several major sporting events in the country. If you are a frequent visitor to the US and are looking for something different to do, these sporting events can make a nice change from the traditional tourist attractions. So before you organise your US Visa Wavier and hop on the next flight, we are giving you a list of some of the top sporting events for you to attend in 2019.

Boston Red Sox VS New York Yankees, Fenway Park              

One of the biggest events in the US sporting calendar is the matchup between two of the biggest baseball times in the MLB. With a rivalry that dates to as far as 1919 when Harry Frazee sold MLB superstar Babe Ruth to the Yankees. This was the beginning of an 86 period without a win and the origins of the rivalry was born. With a matchup taking place on the 27/7/2019, it is well worth a visit to Fenway Park to catch the all-important game.

The Masters

Another sporting event that is worth attending when spending time in the US is the Masters. If you are a fan of golf and want to see the best of the best go head to head, this is the location for you. With the likes of Tiger Woods, Paul Casey and Dustin Johnson all stepping out onto the course to compete to be the very best. With the 2020 tournament set to take place between the 9th and the 12th of April 2020, this is worth booking a trip to the Augusta Golf course to watch from the sidelines.

The US Open

If the idea of watching golf does not appeal to you then the US Open may be better suited. This tennis tournament sees the best in the world go head to head to be the best. Taking place in New York City this tennis grand slam is the best of the best and one of 5 tennis tournaments that take place during the year. With both men and women’s singles and doubles event, you can be sure to see some of the world’s best tennis stars taking to the court to compete.

The Super Bowl

The final major sporting event to visit during your trip to the US is the Super Bowl. This outstanding sporting event is the biggest matchup in the NFL calendar is one of the most watched American broadcasts every year. Whether it is the matchup between the two teams or the iconic Super Bowl half time show, the world is watching with Super Bowl Sunday taking America by storm. Though the 2020 Super Bowl act is still yet to be announced and the competitors yet to be decided it is definitely worth grabbing a seat if you are lucky enough and jetting off to experience the event for yourself.

Regardless of the sports that you follow, you can be sure to have the best possible experience regardless of which of these sporting events you are lucky enough to attend. Which will you be booking tickets for?

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