Whites have a chance to go 10 out of 10 on Saturday in the FA Trophy after beating Paulton Rovers at home last night, Tuesday, November 6.

It was 2-0 at full time in the second round of the CSS League Challenge Cup, despite the home side playing below their usual standard, but it got the ‘job done’ label.

It was a scrappy first half and the crowd of 300 witnessed few real chances (attempts on goal were 4-4, an accurate reflection of both teams’ play).

But Salisbury subbed in Lewis Benson at the start of the second half and turned up the tempo significantly, putting heavy pressure on the visiting Division One South side.

In the 47th minute, Whites’ Joshua Sommerton delivered the ball into the box, but Luke Hopper’s deflection from a yard or so away from the goal line hit the keeper.

About 10 minutes later, Hopper redeemed himself by serving Daniel Fitchett, who made it 1-0 from inside the box.

He scored his second after 58 minutes on a rebound, which proved to be the final goal.

Whites dominated most of the rainy second half and proved they were the better side without playing exceptionally, with some moments of brilliance where they very much outplayed the visitors.

The Salisbury team has now won nine games in a row, and is looking to make it 10 from 10, playing Merstham FC in the second qualifying round of the FA Trophy on Saturday, November 10.

Manager Steve Claridge said the coming game could be harder than people might think.

“I think they now are starting to find some form, so we’re going to have to be right at it to get through this round. I’m not sure their position gives a true reflection of where they should be,” he said.

“We’ve racked up nine wins; if you’ve been here, I think it’s the quality of those performances as well, particularly towards the end of the run, so far that’s the most encouraging and I think that’s what we can take a lot of pleasure from.

“If we play as well as we have done, they’re going to be in for a tough game,” he forecast.

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