Commitment to the highest standards in teaching and learning at Harrow Way Community School, Andover, has been recognised by the Teacher Development Trust Network (TDNT).   The school received high praise from the auditors and was awarded their prestigious Silver Award.

Headteacher Michael Serridge, commenting on the importance of continually improving the standards at the school, said: “Striving for the highest quality in teaching and learning is the bedrock at Harrow Way and we are always hoping to develop and help our teachers to continually drive up standards. Our goal is to be an ‘Outstanding’ school and having the very best teachers is the cornerstone of this ambition and the way we will achieve this is by investing in their professional development.”

TDTN is an organisation founded by teachers, dedicated to improving the educational outcomes of children by ensuring they experience the most effective learning. Visits to the school by appointment are always welcome.


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