St Joseph’s Catholic School pupils raised £395 for EdUKaid’s Kushona Project by holding a non-school uniform day at the end of term. The school’s IT Manager, Rebecca Clayton, is supporting EdUKaid to develop a new project that will teach local women in Mikindani, southern Tanzania, to make clothes for their families in EdUKaid’s community centre and to earn a small income.

Families in the rural village have little or no cash income and women, in particular, have little opportunity to work.  The project will teach the women new skills and give them a sense of purpose and achievement.  As well as working at St Joseph’s, Rebecca has her own company ‘Splendid Dressing Up Box’, making play accessories for children. She wants to use her skills to help disadvantaged women to make a better life for themselves.

Rebecca said: “I’m looking forward to sewing with the ladies in Mikindani. I hope I can pass on some skills they will find useful. I suspect I will learn a great deal too.” Rebecca has raised more than £500 towards the project and will be travelling to Tanzania in November to help set it up.

The Kushona Project is part of Downton based charity EdUKaid’s wider programme of work to improve access to education for some of Tanzania’s most disadvantaged communities.  EdUKaid has built 15 pre-primary classes in Mtwara and has undertaken renovation on 16 primary schools, enabling a better education for over 14,000 disadvantaged children.

More details:Programme Director Teresa Wells at or on 01725 514612. Website

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