A new Sixth Form opens in September, 2021, at Rookwood School, Andover.

The current Year 9 students will be the first to take their A-levels at Rookwood. The school now becomes the only independent ‘all-through’ school in the Andover area, educating children aged from two to 18.

Headmaster Anthony Kirk-Burgess (pictured) said: “We already have an excellent track record of achieving outstanding GCSE results and it seems only right for us to offer this exceptional level of teaching and learning at A-level.

“Rookwood’s Sixth Form will embrace the school’s philosophy of small classes, personalised learning, with excellent teaching and pastoral care. We believe this approach will not only suit our current pupils, but also other students in the Andover area about to start their GCSE courses and looking for the tailored education that Rookwood can offer.”

Tessa Broadhead, whose daughter is in Year 9, added: “What fantastic news! We have long-hoped-for a Sixth Form and welcome the news that our daughter will not have to leave Rookwood School. We wanted her education to continue at a school right through to A-level and not have to attend college at the tender age of 16.

“We have always been avid supporters of the staff, education and pastoral care that makes Rookwood an outstanding establishment. We totally support a Sixth Form. Our daughter will most definitely attend.”

More details: www.rookwoodschool.org

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