Godolphin School Salisbury, has an impressive set of GCSE results.

“With a combination of GCSE and iGCSE specifications, this is the first year the vast majority of exams have been graded with numbers rather than letters.  We are delighted with the efforts of this particular cohort where 10% of all grades are recorded at the highest grade 9, when nationally, only about 5% achieved this top level result,” said Mrs Emma Hattersley, Head.

“This year student performance is on average over three quarters of a grade above expectations

”Within the year group there were some stellar individual results, such as eight Grade 9s, and seven Grade 9s.  But we celebrate all results, and particularly those who might have been predicted a 4 or 5, but eventually achieved a 6 or 7, of which there are many.”

“I am extremely proud of all our students. These results are a testament to their hard work and also that of the staff, and the support received from family and friends.” Mrs Hattersley added.

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