We often get calls from farms and smallholdings asking if we have any feral cats to keep the rodent population down, and feedback is that they do a very good job.

Cats learn what is normal at a very young age, during what is known as a ‘socialisation period’. Between the ages of two and six weeks, kittens learn to enjoy human contact forming a bond and hence becoming great pets.

Feral cats are usually the offspring of stray, feral or abandoned cats and have missed this early experience, making them wary and scared of humans. With many ferals living in colonies, the cat population can grow quickly, and neutering and returning them to their colony stops continual breeding.

In Salisbury, we have a vacancy for a volunteer feral manager whose role is to go out and set traps and bring cats in for neutering and then releasing back into their environment, maintaining a record system and checking out new placements. Identification of these neutered cats is a triangular cut on the tip of one ear. If you feel this is something you would be interested in taking on, call the helpline (01722 664606).

We are busy fund-raising and have just had the Cuckoo Fair – always a great event for us. Jaffas Vet in St Francis Road, Salisbury, sponsor the fair for us by paying the stall charges, and we are really grateful for their kindness and support.We were at the Dogs Trust Fun Day on June 2 and appreciate our yearly invite – it is always a great day.

As part of their Support Adoption for Pets scheme, Pets at Home are having a summer fundraiser called Help Fill Empty Tums. As we receive money from this venture we will be at the Southampton Road, Salisbury store on various days to help throughout the promotion which runs from May 17 to June 13. We will also be at Amesbury Carnival on June 15.

If you have unwanted items which would be good for tombolas, we would be grateful to receive them. As we had 80 winners at the tombola at Cuckoo Fair, it gives an idea of the amount we need.

Salisbury.cats@hotmail.co.uk or helpline 01722 664606.
We are also on Facebook.

Ali Theobald, Salisbury & District Cats Protection

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