By Peter Coleshaw

It’s harvest mite time again.

For those who have not come across these before they are salmon-pink beasties (pictured) that jump onto your cat en-mass, taking residence in very specific places such as ear folds, between toes and on the face.

Cats don’t like itchy faces and often scratch themselves severely making the problem much worse. But not all itchy faces are caused by these mites – allergic reactions can do just the same, so proper diagnosis and treatment is important.

One trick we use at Jaffa’s to avoid self-harm are stick on soft-nails – note NO hard Elizabethan collars here.

Sunburn of ear-tips is another common summer problem, particularly in white cats. The lesions can eventually lead to skin cancer, though fortunately this rarely spreads into the body if the affected ears are amputated soon enough – sounds brutal but cats tolerate it very well.

Prevention is better than cure! We can advise on safe products to use.

Pete Coleshaw MRCVS

‘where cool cats chill’

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