By Ali Theobald, Salisbury & District Cats Protection

One of the worst things for a feline owner is if their cat goes missing and never returns.

There is always the uncertainty whether they have chosen to move on to someone else or if they are lying injured or dead somewhere.

Recently my daughter was out running one Sunday morning early and saw a cat lying on the road dead. She lifted it gently to the side of the road and we went and recovered what was a female black and white cat.

With one of our scanners, we determined there was a chip number but unfortunately the number had not been registered by the owner. It did prove possible however through social media to trace the owner who, while bereft, was consoled by the fact that she had known what had happened and wasn’t left wondering.

Please remember to register your contact details with the chip company. If you do find a dead cat consider the owners and report it to us and we can post a description of the deceased cat on our website or facebook or take it to a vet. If it is in the middle of a road, gently move it to the side. Failing that, contact Wiltshire Highway Services.

A couple of months back, one of our volunteers lost her cat and put posters up and posted flyers through doors in the local area, also bringing awareness to the missing cat on social media and also on the Lost and Found page of our website.  Nearly five weeks later, her cat was found alive, skinny and absolutely covered in fleas and ticks, behind someone’s shed by their dog, a fair distance away from where she lives. She is now recovering.

It raised the important point that it is good to cover a wider radius when searching for a lost cat and not just the street you live in. Fortunately, the person who found the cat had been made aware of the missing feline.

This month, we have a collection for Salisbury & District Cats Protection at Tesco Southampton Road Salisbury on t April 17. If you are about, pop and see us.

Website: – Email or helpline 01722 664606.

Salisbury & District Cats Protection is also on Facebook. 

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