By Peter Coleshaw

Neutering is not a new topic – but every year those queens start coming in season and the circle of life continues.

Un-neutered girls make this very evident, becoming very affectionate, tail in the air when cuddled, often ‘calling’ loudly. This often causes concern to unsuspecting cat owners, and is certainly a call to action unless you are wanting to hear the patter of tiny paws.

As usual, at Jaffa’s we do things a little differently. We offer the opportunity to wait at Jaffa’s while the job is done, with a turnaround time of around an hour.

We give their sedative injection with them in your arms, and you can stay with them while they go sleepy – the ultimate stress-free anaesthetic. Great if you are coming from a distance – just one journey.

If you just want to drop them off and collect later again that is fine.

Post operatively, we avoid collars believing there should never be a need for them if the surgery is skilfully performed – we don’t use any external stitches so there is nothing for them to pull out in any case.

Puberty is generally at around five to six months, so neutering at four months avoids any unwanted pregnancies – though we do neuter considerably earlier if required, such as in feral cats. There is no specific age or weight limit preventing surgery.   Be warned – it’s easy to ‘mean to get it done’ but then remember when your little girl develops a big tummy!

Pete Coleshaw MRCVS

‘where cool cats chill’  


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