Your cat has failed to come home – something we all dread. What now?

Firstly take heart: I reckon 50% or more of such cats come home, so it’s not always an instant disaster. Sometime, something scary may have happened around your house – check every nook and cranny of the house and garden first, in case your cat has gone into hiding.

We all know cats are very smell sensitive – we can use this to help get kitty back. Get a large cardboard box and put unwashed cat bedding or dad’s smelly jumper in it and put this outside under a shelter with a tray with your usual cat litter and fresh food.

Searching by torchlight in the dead of the night may come up trumps, shaking a box of cat biscuits or clinking a fork against their food bowl. Then use people-power. Phone all the local vets and make sure they record your details. Post on social media, and stick posters on every lamp-post. We are always happy to post your loss on Jaffa’s facebook page.

If you cat was poorly before it went missing, it probably won’t be very far away – within four or five houses, so concentrate locally.

We recommend every cat is microchipped – it’s really not expensive. An underestimated benefit of chipping, if the worst happens, is knowing what happened to your pet.


Pete Coleshaw MRCVS
‘where cool cats chill’

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