Dog’s Trust ‘Dog of the Month’, Clarence, is such a handsome fella, a unique looking crossbreed with a gorgeous mini-mane that emphasises his natural good looks.

Being a sensitive chap, Clarence will need to be the only dog in an adult only home for now. He doesn’t like to be left so would need owners who were around most of the time. This way, time left alone could be built up slowly. Although Clarence is a very friendly boy he can be worried and nervous about new people, so he will need multiple visits to the centre to build a bond with you, but he does love having attention and interaction. Once he gets to know you he will build up a lovely bond and you’ll have a friend for life.

If you think Clarence is the dog for you then please visit our Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre in Newton Tony, Salisbury or call (01980) 629634, or visit the Dog’s Trust website


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