I too was a soldier for a while, and I do not mind them having a show, but those who live North of Salisbury have not found it acceptable to find you cannot get into Salisbury for three days.

It is now Sunday night and the signs still tell us we cannot get beyond The Beehive. Salisbury shops must have lost a fortune over the past three days! People also have not been able to get a ticket.

It would have been a far better venue on the Plain itself, Just off the tank tracks and views as far as the eye can see. The walks back to the cars (such as from Hudson’s Field to Old Sarum) would also have been safer. The walkers on the road were in peril to all.

How emergency services cope I do not know. One thing has been proved though: the roads really are not fit for purpose and they will get worse. That’s why we have to repair on a more regular basis and do it properly.

Do planners believe and understand how important infrastructure and the maintenance that goes with it really is? A stretch of Road on the A345 from Down Barn Road Boscombe up to Highpost has layered tarmac of a different thickness.

They give you sharp bumps where repairs are needed around the inspection plates. They play hell on your tyres and shock absorbers. I bet they will be there next year too!

The Countess roundabout is a disgrace. Crossing it from the A345 is a rat race ‘jockeying for position’ created by the lack of road signs to put drivers in the correct lanes. It opens with two and narrows into one, and drivers on your right try to overtake. Many do not even signal their intentions.

One driver tried to push me over onto the pedestrian pathway. The driver in front of me also stood firm and took the centre position to aid me and keep the driver clear. In the end, I had to brake hard as he was so close, and my alarm lights came on (I have this alert for side and front if someone or item is too close). The driver was no young racer either – Just had a bigger car.

My recollection of the Highway code is that you should not overtake on islands, only to show your intentions on leaving. Highways have made a real mess of this.

The signage on Highways should be to control and guide motorist not hinder them. Both I and Graham Wright made this point some time ago.
Do we really have to have an accident to prove the point? The driver in question was just arrogant, and if we had collided, it would have been an expensive job.

It is not just the A303 of concern now; it is the A345 that has far higher traffic levels than it did over a year ago. When the troops get back into the camps, life is going to be a living hell at this crossing and ‘Stonehenge Roundabout’ leading into Larkhill road too.

John Wigglesworth, Durrington

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