I agree, totally, with your feelings, so well voiced in your short editorial of March 2019.

We should be negotiating the break from the EU (I hate the pathetic, made-up by morons, word – Brexit) from strength. Our Country has been and always will be, a World Leader, whether it be in commerce, industry, resourcefulness, inventiveness, or having the sheer guts to bring about ‘Change’.

We should have people negotiating our Leave who are honest and not concerned with just their own agenda, whether for personal, financial, or political gain. We certainly do NOT need to be talking via, or to, power- hungry dolts full of self-gratification: dolts, often unelected to, or qualified for, the jobs they hold.

We are all forgetting the money-pit which has been soaking us dry for years, while at the same time creating and controlling laws, which usually have no true benefit at all for our Country.

We need to believe more in ourselves, our abilities, and the capabilities of this fantastic Country of ours!

P S Wilkins, aka Ace Drummond

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