I LIKED your editorial on Apprenticeships!

I would though like to see the age for apprenticeships rise. Many who took education to Sixth Form are still not picking up better jobs!

Government calls for more recruits for building apprenticeships have missed the boat. To train as a bona fi da apprentice, you have to be employed by a building company. These days they not exist.

Our new ‘builders’ hide behind a guise of established builders who do not take on apprenticeships; the majority of the workers on these sites are hired self-employed. Once the site is finished, they move on.

One of my former Level 3 students tried for three years to get work on a site. Surprisingly, most men on site today are not qualified to anything like Level 3.

Alongside that, even at college training direct, most of the trades training are at much lower level and standards – i.e. for decorators, solvent paints are not now used. Carpenters who were trained to put up a cut roof are no use, as the trusses are bought in from factories.

Of all the old builders that had Salisbury as their base. I think only Mouldings is still going, but not as large.

John Wigglesworth,

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