The announcement that the NHS is to spend money teaching patients who have health problems is a gigantic task and will always be a problem!

A number of young people smoke and from a much earlier date than when I smoked. The indulgent ones who eat the wrong things are yet another.

Both are comfort-based! So they are going to have a tough and extensive, as well as expensive, journey! It should start at the GPs’ surgeries.

Instead of throwing money at it, they should put it into a ring-fenced area to train more nurses where the money is better spent!

Last October just as the new term-start at universities, 25% decide to throw in the towel. Why? Because of fat cat uni’s charging far too much! The average debt to students training for five years is £75k, and going up! Young bright students are becoming money conscious and do not want to get into debt.

The NHS is desperately short of nurses and training takes four years.

PM Mr Cameron put together one of the best examples of a training scheme I have seen. It was called an Apprenticeship degree scheme. I had seen it discussed on TV and how successful it was. I talked to young students, senior nurses in work and retired.

In every case, the young liked it. Senior staff were favourable as it took them back to their early days when those already qualified taught the student. They also so referred to Empathy and Care given to patients.
I wrote to my MP Claire Perry for advice.

I was put in touch with the longest Health Minister ever – Jeremy Hunt.

He approved the new apprentice scheme and found it worked well as he had seen it work in practice on the wards. This has also been discussed by a long-standing highly-qualified nurse in Valley News.

We need to recruit potential nurses and medical staff who can train and be paid while doing it, which Salisbury INFIRMARY did 60 years or more ago! They were trained then and could be trained again without the massive cost to them that they will take years to pay off.

Perhaps John Glen MP, with Claire Perry MP will unite to give our locals in South Wiltshire the opportunity to do just that and we will never be short again. Our nurses need this opportunity, they deserve that at least, and perhaps be given a pay rise in free parking at the hospital instead of paying £30 a week or more for the privilege of working two or three days a week there.

John Wigglesworth, Durrington

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