Can those who call themselves democrats by supporting a call for a second referendum really be democrats?

By disregarding the majority vote in the 2016 referendum because 17.4 million people were apparently either too thick or naïve because they voted the wrong way, currently shows the sorry state of UK politics.

Those advocating a second vote on our EU membership, even though the result of the 2016 hasn’t even been acted upon, shows they are not in fact democrats but are authoritarian. Those calling for a second referendum only believe in democracy when it suits them.

It’s shameful to see a large number of our elected representatives, who voted to support direct democracy by handing down the decision of our membership with the EU to the electorate, now doing everything in their power to ensure there is a new vote. A large fraction of those would have supported triggering Article 50 and would have stood on a manifesto pledge at the 2017 general election to support leaving the EU.

For those readers in the four constituencies Valley News covers, who voted to leave the EU, who have been derided as racist and ill-educated for the past three-four years, or longer in many cases, I salute your zeal. It was you who rejected project fear MK1: MK2 is a different beast but even more laughable.

Project fear MK1 was so successful the economy didn’t tip into a year-long recession like we were promised; and how have we got to the stage where the number of people at work is at a record high?

At the time of writing the plan is to leave the EU on Friday, March 29, but….

Theresa May has hoodwinked a large section of the electorate: it is hard to say if she will continue doing so.  So much for ‘Brexit means Brexit’.

Dean Palethorpe, Salisbury

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