IN YOUR February issue, our MP John Glen is eloquent on the perceived dangers to democracy of overturning the Brexit referendum result.

But eloquence does not necessarily make a logical argument. Democracy has already been severely damaged by a campaign of lies and illegal funding.

Technology has been used to attack the freedom of voters to make their own decisions. Mr Glen says that not to implement the referendum result would “fly in the face of the norm which has evolved over many centuries.” Over these centuries, it was impossible to

target large numbers of people with misleading messages based on detailed information on their fears and preferences.

But now it can be done, and has been. These are not normal times, they are very dangerous times. The UK is a signatory to the Venice Commission Code of Good Practice on Referendums, which states: “In the event of a failure to abide by the statutory requirements, for instance, if the cap on spending is exceeded by a significant margin, the vote must be annulled.”

Note that it says “must” not “should”. Fines have been imposed, and we have key figures under criminal investigation.

How is democracy upheld by a refusal to acknowledge this? John Glen is a conscientious MP, but where is his first loyalty – to party or to country?

Les Rose, Salisbury

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