In the South West, the biggest story of the Euro-election results was the unexpected surge of the pro-remain vote. 49% of the votes were cast for a party unequivocally supporting a People’s Vote on Brexit and only 41% were for leaving the EU.

Cross-party groups like ours in the South West campaigned to encourage people to vote for parties that support a Final Say for the public. We did so because we are democrats.

Now that we know more about the consequences of Brexit, it’s only right that the people, having decided on the principle of leaving the EU, should be asked to express their opinion on the terms of departure.

The election results show that people in the South West agree with us. We can all see that the promises made during the Brexit campaign in 2016 are undeliverable. It is increasingly clear that no deal is not an option: it would cause an economic earthquake and imperil livelihoods and our way of life, disrupt the lives of the three million EU citizens, who have chosen to make the UK their home, and the 1.3 million British citizens in the EU, and further damage our standing in the world.

Even the no dealers now talk slyly of a ‘managed’ no deal. This will lead only to years and years of further negotiations from a much weaker position that we are in now.

We continue to campaign in our communities for the people to have the Final Say on the terms of Brexit – the democratic option that will help the country to break the never-ending deadlock.

Yours faithfully

Hadrian Cook
Salisbury for Europe

Other signatories are:
Bath for Europe
Bradford on Avon and Trowbridge for Europe
Cornwall for Europe
Cheltenham for Europe
Cotswold for Europe
Devizes for EU
Dorset for Europe
European Movement Mendip
Forest of Dean for Europe
Gloucester for Europe
Gloucestershire for Europe
North Dorset for Europe
North Somerset for Europe
North Wilts & Chippenham for EU
Stroud 4 Europe
Swindon for Europe
Tewkesbury for Europe
Thornbury and Yate People’s Vote
West Dorset for EU

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