Wilton electrician Ed Banham electrician thanked his “darling wife for rescuing me” after she found him unconscious on the pavement outside their home in the early hours.

He had allegedly been attacked by a group of thugs. Sparks flew after Ed, 34, confronted up to eight ‘noisy’ youths outside his house in Wilton because they had woken up his two-year-old daughter Tabitha.

Heavily bloodstained, Ed was rushed to Salisbury District Hospital where he regained consciousness. He had eight stitches to a lip wound, and head injuries.

Yesterday, Sunday, Ed admitted his wife, 33-year-old Sarah had rescued him.

Mr Badham – married to Sarah for four years – stressed:”I went outside because the noise was disturbing my little girl Tabitha who was trying to go to sleep.

“They then came at me – I cannot remember anything else.

“My darling wife Sarah found me unconscious in a pool of blood in a heap on the pavement by my home.

“Sarah rescued me. She called the police and a lot of neighbours came and attended to me. and I was taken to hospital by ambulance.

“The next thing I can remember was waking up in hospital.”

Wiltshire Police are appealing for witnesses to the incident.




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