For many, the love for football often goes beyond watching it on television as several people per year are joining football teams up and down the country. But what about those that are over 50?

Well, the Salisbury walking football team brings the 5 a-side game to those who are looking to continue their love of the sport with exercise that is kind to the joints. With 3 indoor sessions per week, this 25-man team is well on their way to bringing walking football to the masses. With the focus of the group centring around enjoying the experience rather than keeping score, the love for the sport is what matters most.

Whether you are looking for a regular exercise regime or a new way to meet people who also enjoy the sport, this sport is one of you.

This overall love for football is also evident in the Salisbury FC Youth club that has had major success in recent seasons making this one of the most popular leagues to bet on in 2019 due to some spectacular young talent. But what does the future hold for the walking football team?

There are several events coming up for this talented team with a mega-tournament being held at the Salisbury rugby club on the 28th of July in order to raise money for motor neurone disease. There is also a keen interest in organising an over 70’s friendly between them and a team in Bournemouth, however, nothing has yet been confirmed.

This is exciting times for the team as they begin to gain keen interest from not only those in the local area but up and down the country looking to enjoy the sport and meet new people as a result.

For more information on the team and the latest news from the club visit the Salisbury FC Walking Football Club website or find them on Facebook. Who knows, you could be part of a brand-new wave of sporting achievements.

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