David Leslie Clift, aged 41, of no fixed abode was sentenced at Salisbury Crown Court on  October 3 after pleading guilty to attempted burglary and five counts of burglary.

On July 4, Clift broke into a home in Harcourt Terrace by smashing a window. Although nothing was stolen, the homeowner found a baseball cap inside the living room which was seized by forensics and tested for DNA which matched Clift.

On May 27-28, a glass window was smashed at All Saints Church and £30 stolen from the flower fund. The damage caused to the building cost more than £4,000.

Overnight on  June 5-6, St Gregory’s Church Hall was broken into and a number of items stolen including alcohol and cash, and caused damage costing about £1,500. On both occasions, hammers with DNA matching Clift’s were found at the premises.  

The WokWow noodle bar in Horne Road was broken into on June 15 and a safe and till float containing a total of £230 were stolen. A woolly hat gave DNA which matched Clift’s DNA was taken from the scene. 

Salisbury Lawn Tennis Club was broken into overnight on June 25-26, and a television was stolen. Damage to the doors and shutters cost £1,500, and a plastic glove at the scene by forensics again belonged to Clift. 

Then, on June 27, Speedyprint was broken into via a skylight and several consoles, games and cash were stolen. On this occasion, a screwdriver, which tested positive for Clift’s DNA was located at the scene. 

Inspector Pete Sparrow said: “As the Judge said in court, Clift was a one man crime wave, he continued to attack premises with determination but on every occasion, he left behind an item of clothing or an item used to gain access to the buildings, which helped us link each incident and trace them back to Clift.” 

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