A trio of geese, including two nicked-named the Kray Twins, are ‘terrorising’ a village on Salisbury Plain.

The out-of-control birds left a lady ‘very upset’ after she was bitten on her ankle, drawing blood. A dog and cat have also been attacked and the terrible trio has been chasing frightened children in Upavon.

The wayward wingers were dumped ‘out of the blue’ three weeks ago to join a flock of 17 geese already in the village.

But after they were ostracised by the flock, they have caused mayhem in the village where 4,500 people live.

Upavon Parish councillor and shop assistant grandmother Mandy Wernham, 51, said: ”They have been terrorising the village and two of them I call the Kray twins.

“They hiss at you and chase you – this is not a laughing matter – they chase children, attack cars, and bite people, and a cat and dog.

“The woman bitten was very upset by what happened. She was left with a bruised ankle and her skin was broken and blood was drawn.

“They have been here three weeks. They turned up out of the blue. I assume they have been dumped.

“They tried to join the flock in the village but the flock ostracised them. Two of them are tagged – but nobody can get near them to see.”

They have now set up home on a patch of green near her home.

Now Mandy – who was forced in her nightclothes to shut herself in her own car outside her own home after they surrounded the vehicle – is hoping a farmer will give them a home. He wants them to stop foxes attacking his livestock.

But first they have to be caught.

Mandy believes somebody had them as pets and did not want them so dumped them with the ones already in the village in the hope they would blend in.

“But that was not the case,” she added.


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