Shaftesbury Town Council is challenging the district council over the sale of Shaftesbury Cattle Market site.

The town council held an extraordinary meeting on  July 11 to response to a letter from Shaftesbury Civic Society and the Parish Meeting called by six Shaftesbury residents. Councillors resolved to challenge the District Council’s processes and lack of consultation over the pending sale of the Christy’s Lane site.

In a press statement, the council said it wants North Dorset District Council (NDDC) to suspend the sale and carry out a full public consultation on its impact on Shaftesbury. A letter is to be sent to all district councillors and officers.”

The marketing schedule and materials relating to the sale, which NDDC agreed to provide at the Town Meeting on June 11 had not been received by the Town Council.

The Town Council is to engage a solicitor possibly to prepare a case. After the town meeting on June 11, Shaftesbury Town Council had already instructed a legal team.

The council is to hold an extraordinary council meeting the day after a parish poll provisionally scheduled for August 9

Shaftesbury Town Council says it respects the democratic process which has been triggered by the calling of a Parish Poll. A Parish Poll is an opportunity to formally vote on a question agreed at a Parish Meeting and will endeavour to make available as much information as possible so that Shaftesbury residents are fully informed ahead of the Parish Poll.

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