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Today’s society is focused on forward thinking ideals and healthy alternatives. We want to be in control of our destiny through the use of natural wellness options in the food we eat, the supplements we take, and the doctors we see. In 2015, the healthcare industry received $3.2 trillion dollars from people who went to traditional doctors trying to get help. This current health care model is failing our country because it does not find the causes or solutions to chronic ailments. Functional medicine is just as important of a strategy as a special diet or a life changing supplement. It boasts of powerhouse benefits and is the pinnacle of a household who is concentrating on getting to the root of their health. Here are the benefits of including a functional medicine practitioner in your family routine.

Functional Medicine Is Evolved 

One of the greatest aspects of functional medicine is how it collaborates with the evolution of our society today. The family is more evolved and health conscious by understanding everything about their body and what is being put into it. The evolution of the healthy family spins on the knowledge of a deeper health model which is functional medicine. 

Functional medicine is different from traditional medicine because it seeks out the root cause of the problem. An ailment, sickness, or small hiccup in your body has a cause and functional medicine practitioners are part of society’s evolution to make the body healthier. Using the three tools called the Functional Medicine Matrix, Timeline, and GOTOIT, doctors can now use a specialized mapping system which can bring the family to its peak health faster. These three strategies are becoming the foundational principles in which practitioners are discovering more about their patients in a personal way. Here is a more detailed description of these three tools:

#1 – The Functional Medicine Matrix

The Matrix assists the physician in learning more about and going deeper into the patient’s underlying health issues. This breaks down each aspect of their family, history, social, and medical history to learn even more about the patient on a personal level. The Matrix can understand certain issues which bring together separate issues and can help determine a detailed approach to specific chronic illnesses.

#2 – Timeline

To better understand a patient, all doctors take a patient history. However, the functional medicine timeline opens the door to the patient and allows them to see specific insights into certain life events which can help them change what is going on. This practice allows them to see the entire timeline as a whole and notice certain things which can otherwise go overlooked. This practice can give the patient a complete outlook on why they do the things they do and how it affects their life.


GOTOIT means “Gather, Organize, Tell, Order, Initiate, and Track” and allows the doctor to administer specialized treatments. GOTOIT works hand in hand with the functional medicine Timeline and can bring practitioners and patients closer together by providing compatibility between the two. This strategy allows the doctor to identify underlying health problems and arrive at the root cause of the patients ailment.

Functional Medicine Is Detailed

Currently, traditional medicine treats without a specific diagnosis. In today’s society, family’s who understand their body is not meant to be sick should seek out an evolved practitioner who is willing to do the work and get to the cause of the sickness. 

A diagnosis can be the cause of more than just one problem as functional medicine has proven. If the patient is in a depressed state of mind, it is possible that there is another underlying health problem (or three) which can be causing the depression to happen in the mind. This manifestation depends on a patient’s genetic makeup, their surroundings, and life they lead. A 2017 study revealed that 68% of females who were prescribed antidepressants, were non adherent to the medication they received. In fact, many people who are prescribed these medications are unresponsive and clinicians believe a model of therapeutic advances along with vitamin deficiency and other genetic makeup research can prove beneficial to helping the patient in functional medicine.

For instance, if a nail has went through a person’s shoe, their foot may hurt. They could visit a traditional doctor and get a prescription for the pain in their foot. However, the pain will continue because the problem still persists. Functional medicine pulls out the nail, therefore concluding the prescription wasn’t even needed in the first place.

In Conclusion

In today’s society, more and more families are privileged to have knowledge and power at their fingertips. This is one of the reasons alternative wellness has became so popular. Content around the web can provide the family with valuable resources they need to educate themselves about their health. Functional medicine is coming to the forefront today because more people believe they are meant to be healthy and are researching the root causes for their symptoms. These types of doctors are willing to confront the problem and provide clinical models which are valid approaches to bringing a better solution to the patient. This type of wellness factor also relies on patient responsibility in the healing process which is crucial to continuing a consistent wellness routine. Functional medicine isn’t a strategy which solves your problems with drugs and/or surgery. It shifts the focus from suppressing the problem with prescriptions and relies on the data and facts surrounding the patient. Your family is no different from anyone else who wants to continue this positive lifestyle, and functional medicine can complete the circle which is needed to continue a beneficial health and wellness lifestyle.

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