Warminster’s Kingdown School team won the Shell Eco-Marathon Vehicle national championships at the Mercedes Benz World facility in London.

After five hot days of competition lasting a week, the team’s vehicle finished in first position with a staggering 2,526.51 miles per gallon, making it the highest-placed British team, and 15th in the world rankings.

It was a stunning achievement by team, the only school team in the competition, and competing against international teams from university engineering faculties, or large company research and development departments, from France, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Sweden and Germany.

It was is the culmination of many hours of work by designers, Kingdown School student, Alistair Mallard and Design Teacher, Dave Leater, with contributions from the school’s Engineering Club.  The club members spent many hours working on parts to help to perfect the record-breaking prototype vehicle made from carbon fibre and has advanced electronic and mechanical systems.

Mr Leater said: “We were the only secondary school there. All the other teams were from universities and commercial companies which makes our team’s achievements even more stunning.  More than 1,800 people stayed on the campsite!  Racing on the track were vehicles from France, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Sweden, Germany and the UK, and on the campsite you could hear every different language as you walked through the field of tents.

The Kingdown Team were the top United Kingdom performing team.

Team manager:  Dave Leater

Assistants:  Nick Webster, Andy Bray, Clare Pelopida

Team members: Silas Hamilton, Ned Bell, Alex Chatwin, Theo Jones, Hugo Blighe, Jonathan Roberts, Russell Marchant, Alistair Mallard, Emily Wilson, Maggie Goodby, May Evans

Paul Young  of ‘Rondar Race Boats’ of Edington, for their support in moulding outer shell of the car; Terry Hibben of WGP Group, and Wiltshire Youth Fund for financial backing

Kingdown School Engineers – Winners

  • Shell European Eco-Marathon
  • Prototype Vehicles 2019
  • 1st in the UK
  • 15th in the World
  • 2,526.51 miles per gallon


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