Grovely Riding Centre has clocked up more than 40 years of teaching people to ride.

Grovely, as a riding school, was founded in the 1950s by Nobby Clarke. His daughter Mick continued to run the centre until 1975 when Sue and Ger became the new owners.

Grovely Riding Centre has developed into the thriving business it is today by Sue and Ger’s continued enthusiasm for horses, and the quest for knowledge, while their team of staff and horses play an integral part of their success.

Grovely caters for all levels of rider, from the absolute beginner – be they adult or child, to riders who compete on the international stage of show jumping. Ger’s son Dan runs a successful business from Grovely, where he produces breeds and sells horses which have show- jumped internationally all over the world.

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Combine this with the talented staff of Sam, Cam, Callie and Belle, who all own their own horses and who represent Team Grovely at all the major events. They each have an enthusiasm to provide riders of all levels huge opportunities to develop as riders at whatever level – be it a new client learning to ride whose ambition is to ride through the bluebells in the beautiful Grovely Woods, or an individual who wishes to ride their first dressage test.

Grovely liveries are also a vital component of the Grovely life force in which owners of all ages can enjoy their sport and make friends for life.

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