Finally a good news story. Valley News has heard from an owner who has been reunited with her cat which went missing 12 years ago. Dominique, from Stratford Tony, had a cat, Lily, who went missing when being given to a friend.

“Sadly, we had to rehome Lily and her sister Tiger as she did not get on with our tom cat, Crash. I spent many years trying to integrate them, sadly, Lily and Tiger would gang up on Crash. He hid under the bed and it was impossible to coax him out,” he said.

It was a heart-breaking decision for Dominique to rehome the cats.

“We finally decided Lily and Tiger would find new homes. Tragically, when the new owner was getting them checked at the vet, Lily escaped, ran off and completely disappeared.

“We all hoped Lily would reappear. It haunted me for years. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I had the most exciting call from someone who had spotted Lily in Milford. I couldn’t believe it, I chatted with my husband and we put up missing posters asking the owner to call us.”

A few days later Dominique had news she thought she would never hear, Lilly (now Tasha) had been taken in by Laura and Malcolm.

Laura told Valley News: “In 2007, Lily was found asking for food on our neighbour’s veranda. She couldn’t keep her as she worked away from home, so, we took her on. We were really pleased, if very surprised, to find Dominique ‘s posters and finally solve the mystery of her origin.”

“It was lovely to reunite them last week, if only for a couple of hours. Lily had obviously meant a lot to Dominique and she seemed so relieved to find she had been safe and well all those years.

“It has been so wonderful to know that Lily is alive, safe and well. Laura and Malcolm have taken such good care of her and we are very grateful for this. It was an emotional reunion and I have photos of Lily around the house now which is heart-warming.”

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