Henry Hayball is only 15 but has already worked as an apprentice butcher at Pritchetts Butchers for a year. Widely praised by customers for his excellent service and good attitude, he has also learnt how to cut meat and all the joints and bones.

“My dad was pushing me to get a job because his dad made him get a job around my age, which was when I was 14,” he said.

Henry found the first few weeks were a bit hard because of the smell and the sight of blood but started to “really enjoy it” after a while and said he was very happy about all the good feedback he received.

“All my hard work is paying off,” he added.

As a lover of steak, it is also the perfect opportunity to enjoy quality meat, but what is his favourite cut?

“It’s got to be fillet, it’s got to be top of the range!” he enthused.

Butchery manager Charles Aldridge said Henry’s father Graham, who owns Hayballcyclesport Salisbury, pushed for it as he thought it was time for the young apprentice to “toughen up.”

“He’s been brilliant,” he said. “He wasn’t too keen at first, but he picked up so quickly and the customers love him. He can stay as long as he wants.”

Henry said he will at least keep at it as long as he stays in school, at Burgate School & Sixth Form. Working long hours, he is confident the apprenticeship will help him in life.

“I’ve got customer skills now. I know how to talk to customers and how to suit them, so I reckon that will really help me go quite far in life,” he said.

As Henry continues to do his duty at the butchery, he has a message for people his age: “I think people my age should really start to get jobs, save up their money like I have, because it’s really going to help me in the future for a deposit or a mortgage, especially as prices of houses and cars are going up and everything is getting more expensive. You’re going to need that peace of mind,” he advised.

Find Henry and Pritchetts Butchers on 5 Fish Row, Salisbury.

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