Changes for the early stages of Openreach’s planned full-fibre migration trial in Salisbury have been put forward by Openreach.

The company  wants  to transfer all customers in the city to full fibre, and then withdraw copper services from the area, by the end of 2022.

The trial is important to the broader fibre investment case, as lessons learnt will shape the approach to future copper retirement across the country, according to Openreach.

Ofcom rules require Openreach to provide wholesale access to standard and superfast broadband on its copper network.

“In line with our work to encourage long-term investment in full-fibre broadband, we propose Openreach should no longer have to provide access to these services in Salisbury where it can offer full-fibre services as an alternative. At this stage, the changes would only apply when customers move house, change service or switch provider. So customers who wish to stay with their current service and provider can still do so.

“We will work with providers to put safeguards in place to protect vulnerable customers during the trial. For example, they will be able to pause migration or restore copper services at short notice if necessary,” the company claimed.

“The consultation closes on Friday 6 September 2019, and we intend to publish our decision in the autumn. We propose that any changes will apply in Salisbury from September 2020.”

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