Free parking in Amesbury started yesterday (July 9) until further notice.

All council-run car parks in Amesbury (Central and Church Street) and Salisbury will be free from midday on weekdays, and free all day on Saturday and Sunday. The five park and ride sites that serve Salisbury will continue to be free to support businesses and the local community.

Information signs are in all the city’s Wiltshire Council operated car parks.


Brown Street East – Maximum 3 hours

Brown Street West – Maximum 3 hours

Central – all day

Central – Maximum 3 hours

College Street – Maximum all day

Culver Street – all day

Five Rivers Leisure Centre – Maximum 3 hours

Lush House – Maximum 3 hours

Maltings – Maximum 3 hours

Millstream – all day

Salt Lane – Maximum 3 hours

Southampton Road – all day


Central – Maximum 3 hours

Church Street – Maximum 3 hours

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