Cats have long been seen as mysterious creatures – in reality we simply didn’t understand them.

By their very nature, they are not demonstrative or ‘in-your-face’, so interpreting their emotions and needs can be tricky. But huge advances have been made in our knowledge and understanding recently.

The BBC program ‘The Secret Lives of Cats’, starring John Bradshaw and Sarah Ellis, brought a new level of understanding to many of us. I was particularly intrigued by the cats that ‘time-share’ a territory, one using an area overnight, another at dawn and dusk, and another during the day.

The best resource for cat information is the International Cat Care Charity, based at Tisbury. Their website is a mine of well-presented up-to-date material, including their ever-expanding own YouTube channel of instructional videos.

They are now expanding their topics to include instructional videos for vets.

Last week, Jaffa’s hosted the ICC team and Sarah Ellis, filming instructional videos about basic cat handling –how to get cats out of the cat basket, how to deal with them in the consultation, and how to put them back in their basket.

Cats have traditionally had a hard time of things at the vets and it’s great to be supporting this initiative improving cat welfare.

Pete Coleshaw MRCVS
‘where cool cats chill’

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