A deaf dog called Marge was rescued by Trowbridge, Chippenham and Amesbury firefighters after plummeting 40ft down a farm well in the Woodford Valley, near Amesbury.

Marge was rescued by specialist firefighters from Trowbridge and Chippenham as well as a fire crew from Amesbury.

In an extraordinary delicate operation, the firefighters brought Marge uninjured to safety after three hours. The rescuers said there was no point calling her because she could not hear and the playful 12-year-old canine did not bark because she was unaware people were hunting for her.  Sue Redpath, who works at the farm and helped with the rescue said: ”It is a miracle she is alive. We did not know if she was dead or alive.

“There was no point calling her because she was deaf, and she did not bark. She could have (drowned) – we did not know what was happening. We could not see her because the dog went down so far – we did not know if she went straight down. Why she did not injure herself, I do not know.”

Sue said when the firefighters brought cocker spaniel Madge to safety and “she trotted off.”

“She is now in the house – she is fine.”

The freak accident happened when Marge, while being walked by farmer’s wife Jane Bailey, ran into an outbuilding on the farm while, and fell down the well.  For the intricate deep rescue operation, the firefighters used specialist equipment to winch her to safety.

(Picture: Trowbridge Fire Station)

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