Cat thefts revealed a sharp increase of 114% recorded by police from 2015 to 2018.

Richard Jordan of Pet Theft Awareness said: “Cat theft is a crime which seems to be on the up.  We are campaigning for cat theft reform so that when a cat disappears, the assumption that it has gone walkabout is replaced with proper police recording, enforcement and uniformity of approach across the board.”

Pet Theft Awareness requested information on cat theft from 48 police authorities in the UK. It revealed that the Bengal cat seemed to be at greatest risk of being stolen, totalling 19% of all recorded thefts.  Bengals are particularly sought after as pets.

Not far behind were the pricey British Shorthair cats, including the popular British Blue, accounting for 14% of recorded cat thefts.  The aristocratic-looking and expensive Persian cat followed at 11%.

In total, 602 cats were reported stolen between 20 15 and 2017. In Dorset, 13 cats were stolen, and nine in Wiltshire, the report shows.

Yorkshire-based pet insurance company, The Insurance Emporium, worked with pet theft reform campaigners Pet Theft Awareness on cat theft trends in the UK.

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