New members were signed up by Downton Motor Club at the 2019 International Mini Meeting (IMM) in Bristol from August 8 to 12.

This year, the event celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the iconic Mini, for enthusiasts attend from all over the world.   Even though the weather was wet and windy, thousands attended and one lucky person won a Mini sponsored  by Minispares Ltd.

“We welcomed new members and spoke to a great variety of people from many different countries, which gave us extended exposure The name Downton still attracts many people as it is famous for  tuning, development and racing from the 1960s,” said Steve Harris  who helps organise the Downton-based club’s events.

He said: “During the past 60 years, the classic Mini has touched the hearts of millions of people and is still being  modified and refined. In the early years it took the motoring industry by surprise by winning the Monte Carlo Rally.

“During this time, Downton Engineering Works was producing cylinder heads and manifolds which were homologated (permitted automatic compression ratio variation) for motorsport purposes.

The Mini was produced in many variants for use in military, police and AA applications (not forgetting the film “ The Italian Job ‘.

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