By Vaida Tamkiene

Your skin constantly suffers from air pollution and other environmental factors, and each season brings different challenges. Wintry winds and drying central heating can have an extremely harsh effect on your complexion. Now is the time to have a facial, to thoroughly cleanse and moisturise your skin, and help it stay healthy and youthful as long as possible. Here, I review a personalised 60 minutes facial at JAS Hair and Beauty salon in Wilton, part of a multi-award-winning salon group. Wilton branch manager Karin and beauty therapist Kyla told me about the wide range of services they provide – from nails, waxing, face and body therapy, to reflexology and massages, also their special offers, and they shared their top tips for skincare.

Regular routine or seasonal reboot 

According to Karin, facials should be a major part of everyone’s skincare routine, ideally done professionally about once a month, in addition to the daily cleansing, toning and exfoliating done at home. “It’s important to maintain a good routine with professional products, because they have more active ingredients to balance out the skin, neutralise negative effects, and target specific skincare concerns,“ Karin said.

JAS Wilton beauticians work with Dermalogica and Jessica product ranges, and their colleagues at Parkwood salon use Aveda. “Dermalogica is renowned worldwide for promoting skin health, and providing various skincare products, free from common irritants and chemicals, for all skin conditions. Our therapists can mix and match the products depending on each customer’s skin type and skincare routine,” she added. If monthly regime seems too intense, Kyla recommends visiting the salon at least four times a year, to prepare the skin for the coming season, because that’s when its changes are the most noticeable. Kyla’s top tip for skincare in winter is to ensure good skin hydration at all times. “When going in and out hot and cold environments, many find that skin gets red or feels dry, so just make sure you always have a toner to hydrate your skin and calm it down,” Kyla said, reminding that it doesn’t matter if your skin is oily or dry – you should hydrate it daily.


To make regular beauty treatments more affordable, JAS often runs various promotions, such as 30% off facials on Wednesdays for a special midweek pick-me-up. Students get 25% discount on all the services every day; iTeen beauty room for those aged from 13 to 19 years also offers special prices. Don’t miss out on RewardME programme, JAS’s way of saying thanks to loyal guests. Pop into one of JAS salons and pick up your key-fob today.

Personalised throughout 

For my 60 minute facial, after a warm welcome at the Wilton salon, Kyla took me upstairs, to a cosy treatment room. Soothing background music helped create a relaxing atmosphere, and I instantly felt less nervous, as I am not used to having such procedures and felt slightly apprehensive about the whole experience.

Kyla started with a detailed consultation, filling out a questionnaire about my lifestyle, and general health, also skincare concerns. She explained that such information let her select the most appropriate products. She further assessed my skin as I lay down comfortably on the heated bed, and started to enjoy my treat. Several steps of cleansing and exfoliating prepared my skin for a face massage, then a mask. A scalp massage was a lovely bonus as it helped get rid of the tension and stress – I didn’t even realise I was so tense until Kyla started massaging my tight and tender spots. After the facial, Kyla sat down with me again to explain my skin fitness plan, based on face-mapping analysis. It lets you follow up the skincare regime, and gives a list of recommended products. Next time, I will bring it back and have a mini consultation to reassess how well my skin has done, and how I got on with using certain products.

To sum up, I had a wonder-ful experience; I felt assured, informed and relaxed, although usually I am rather shy, and insecure about how I look. Kyla was great at her job, and my skin felt so fresh, clean and was glowing with health afterwards, which completely convinced me that the treatment, and the products she chose for me, was exactly what I needed, so I am definitely going back in the next few months. After all, we only have one skin, which we wear every day and will for the rest of our lives, so professional care is the best investment we can make now to ensure the skin stays looking great in the later years.

If you don’t invest in professional skincare now, later you might have to spend more money treating problems, and I definitely know which one I’d rather do. Book your appointment or find out more at 


The 60min facial is individually customised at every step by your therapist, using treatments based on Dermalogica’s face-mapping skin analysis.

Every beauty treatment at JAS starts with a detailed consultation to ensure the best skincare advice.


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