A new purpose-built pharmacy dispensing robot started work on July 29 at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust.

The 10m by 3m purpose-built Rowa Vmax robot automatically stores and locates more than 25,000 medicines and can dispense up to three items within 12 seconds. Added benefits include an automatic loading platform, a ward stock dispensing system and 3D barcode readers.

Cutting down the amount of time pharmacy staff spend looking for medicines allows them to spend more time on direct patient care and improve safety across the Trust.

The Pharmacy Team have named the Robot ‘Kryten’ after the android in TV’s Red Dwarf.

Steve Bleakley, Chief Pharmacist at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The cutting edge technology incorporates the finest high-tech and improve safety in the hospital. By automating the dispensing process, staff time can be released to focus on front-line clinical duties, for the benefit of all patients.”

The photograph shows Cara Charles-Barks, Chief Executive for Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, cutting a ceremonial ribbon to mark the start of the robot’s functionality.



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