By Katrina ffiske

Buying a new pair of spectacles is an important decision, and with so many choices, it can be confusing what style to select.

At Mark Jones Eye Care, they actually ask you to book an hour appointment for a fitting. That sounded luxury, as I am used to standing on a shop floor on my own, trying on various frames and making a panic decision, which I then regret.

Megan Lowe, at Mark Jones Eye Care, is a trained fitter and expert in design and styles of spectacles.

“The spectacles should follow the brow line and your face should be framed. It’s important where the pupils sit within the lenses,” Megan explained to me.

“Here, we only use Carl Zeiss lenses, which have teamed up with the World Health Organisation. They realised our eyes and the surrounding sensitive area needs protecting from the UV rays, so all their lenses have full UV protection.”

The variety of boutique designs to choose from include Vanni, Woow, Anglo American Optical and Silhouette. The stand-out range is beautiful bespoke designs by British designer, Tom Davies, custom-made so they are a perfect fit.

You can choose the style and colour you would like from a colour book, and you can even have a personal message written on the arms.
Set out on glass shelves, backlit with a calming blue light, it is easy to lift off each style and try on – no battling with getting frames out and back into awkward stands.

What is wonderful is that Megan comes with me, holds a mirror for easy decision-making and gives honest thoughts on each style I try.

“It can be better having someone who can give honest opinions,” Megan said. “Sometimes, a friend or partner might tell you what you want to hear.”

What is also refreshing is that the frames are unisex, no his and hers labels.

“We’re one of the first opticians to set out our frames with no labels,” Megan pointed out. “These days, the frames are very flexible. Who are we to say a design can only be worn by a man?”

For those who would like extra time to think about their choice, Mark Jones Eye Care actually invite you take spectacles home with you to wear for a few days and test them out on friends and family so you are absolutely sure with your choice.

With selection of spectacles chosen, it soon becomes clear there is one obvious choice: a light, pink spectacles designed by Vanni (see below).
I am already feeling more confident having ordered a well-designed frame, with good quality lenses. Out with the old – in with the new.

Thank you Megan, and Mark Jones Eye Care.

To make an appointment, for an eye test call 01722 322 891, or book online.

Mark Jones Eye Care, 21 Fisherton Street, Salisbury SP2 7SU

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