The snowdrop is the first flower of the year to show its nice white blooms.

Often the snowdrop blossoming is a sign that Winter is transforming to Springtime. Therefore the snowdrop symbolizes hope, the hope that this Winter will finish too, that new warmth will enter our lives.

Shaftesbury Snowdrops

Since 2012, the Shaftesbury Diamond Jubilee Community Legacy has been planting snowdrops throughout the town for the benefit of the residents and to create a new 21st-century culture.
On Saturday, February 9, the Shaftesbury Snowdrops have a Snowdrop Study, Sale and Social Day. For more details visit

Weldmar Hospicecare’s Snowdrop Gardens

Weldmar Hospicecare’s Snowdrop Gardens and Walks gives you the chance to provide a lasting memorial to those who were near and dear to us. Your loved one may have died a long time ago, in a different area or they may not have had a serious illness. This does not matter to Weldmar who understand the importance of grieving process and want to help you through that stage.

Weldmar invite everyone to remember loved ones privately at the Walks or Gardens, or to join others at the annual Services of Remembrance. The services are in late Winter when snowdrops first appear, reminding us that the hope and warmth of spring are not far away. Services are at:
– Gillingham St Benedict’s Roman Catholic Church on Saturday, February 2, at 11am.
– Shaftesbury The Father’s House on Monday, February 11, at 3pm.

All are welcome to attend. If you wish, Weldmar can plant snowdrops in memory of a loved one; their name is included in the Snowdrop Memorial book, kept in each location. Weldmar ask for a donation of £10 to cover costs; a commemorative card acknowledges all donations.

For more information, phone Weldmar’s Operational team on 01305 215305.

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