An Action for Happiness Get-Together in Fordingbridge meets at Avonway Community Centre on the first Friday of the month.

The movement encourages everyone to act to increase happiness and decrease misery. The Get-Togethers are based on the Exploring What Matters course held annually at Arch Clinic in Fordingbridge.

People are encouraged to go to “tune in to what really matters”, “connect to others” and “find practical ways to take action”.

Sarah Beale, Therapy Centre Manager, said: “The September meeting focus was on ‘self-care’. We started by introducing ourselves and talking about an action recently taken that had made someone feel good, most of us found that the kindness was returned and we all agreed we had felt more positive about helping others.

“We ‘tuned in’ by concentrating on our breathing and imagining an island inside ourselves which we could go to for peace and calm. We ‘connected’ by talking about how the Action for Happiness movement can influence Suicide Awareness (as Suicide Awareness day was on September 10) and finally, we agreed on actions to take this month, with a focus on what we could do for World Mental Health day on October 10.”

Arch Clinic has hosted Tea & Chat for World Mental Health Awareness Day for three years and this year’s will be ‘open’ with cakes and a cuppa from 10.30am to 4.30pm, with workshops on how different therapies can support mental health and wellbeing.

“The Get Together group aims to set up Tea & Talk events across Fordingbridge to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation. It’s an opportunity for the whole community to feel comfortable talking about mental health and raising awareness.”

To get involved with a Tea & Talk in Fordingbridge, during the week commencing October 7, contact Claire on 01425 653192 or Sarah Bealey on 01425 650071.

The next Action for Happiness Get Together is at Avonway Community Centre from 6.30pm to 8pm is on Friday, October 4, and the theme is “Optimistic October”, focusing on what really matters and setting achievable goals: no need to book and everyone welcome.

Visit the ‘Fordingbridge Get Together’ Facebook page, Arch Clinic Facebook page or the Action For Happiness website at

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