Two of the winning entries in the Digital Investigations and Intelligent Unit’s (DIIU) coding competition went to Police Headquarters to receive their prize and have a tour.

Myles Butterworth, aged 10, from Bradford on Avon and Toby Johnson, 11, from Salisbury, developed their own game based on the theme of staying safe online as part of our #CyberLife campaign in July.

Youngsters Wiltshire were invited to develop an online game, based on the theme of staying safe online, and present it as a two-minute video via YouTube.

Myles explained in his video; “My game is a platform game and in it, you control a boy called Alex. You must help him navigate an online world in his quest to find the safety online tips.

“To make my game, I hand wrote 383 lines of code in a text language called Python.”

Myles is hoping to go into software development when he finishes school.

Toby said: “The aim of my game, Blockie’s Adventures, is to collect as many coins as possible without getting Blockie’s computer hacked.

“Throughout the game, there are lots of pop-ups that will say a different internet safety message. Typically, a question may ask if you should enter your password in a particular situation.  If the wrong answer is given, the character has to start the game from the beginning. If the correct answer is given, the character advances to the next stage.”

Toby spent two weeks creating his game and that included writing the electronic music that plays in the background. Toby added; “I intend to enter the world of robotics when I leave school. Robots may be the future but somebody still needs to design and programme them!”

Detective Inspector Gemma Vinton said: “We wanted to find a fun and novel way of making young people think about how they can stay safe online and our entrants didn’t disappoint.”

During the visit, the boys met with Assistant Chief Constable, Mark Cooper for tea and a chat.  ACC Cooper said; “It was a pleasure to meet both Myles and Toby this week and to present them with their prize of a raspberry pi computer.”

“I enjoyed hearing about their games and am impressed by the skill and effort put into developing them.  They both made brilliant video’s demonstrating their games and were able to highlight ways for staying safe online.”

Myles and Toby went on to visit the dogs unit where they met police dogs Ary and Buzz.  Both helped lay a trail for Ary to follow and held the leash as he followed the scent.

They watched a demonstration of Buzz working on command to someone running away, and they met two spaniels used to search for drugs and explosives.

The winning games will be available for to public on Wiltshire Police Cyber pages on Facebook and Twitter over the coming weeks.

MYles and Toby’s videos can be viewed here:

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