Police have launched a knives amnesty and knife crime prevention fortnight, starting today, Monday, September 16 as Op Sceptre – the national knife crime prevention initiative.

People can hand in unwanted or illegal knives and bladed weapons during the period of the amnesty from today until Sunday, September 29, at Bourne Hill, Salisbury, and SP2 Community Centre, Salisbury

Special amnesty are available at 13 locations in Wiltshire. Handing in knives and weapons will not lead to prosecution for possession of a knife or weapon and the donors can remain anonymous.

Assistant Chief Constable Maggie Blyth said: “Carrying a knife should not be considered the norm. Fortunately in Wiltshire very few choose to leave the house with a knife or blade, and sadly, the reality is that those who do are more likely to be involved in a violent act or be injured.”

“Education is key, and we need to be passing this on to our children that it’s never OK to carry a knife.

“If you need one for work then you should minimise the time you have it on your person and only keep it for the purposes of work.

“During the amnesty we are also encouraging people to hand in illegal knives such as zombie knives, butterfly knives, flick knives, machetes and lock knives. This is a chance to avoid prosecution by disposing of knives safely in an amnesty bin.”

Parents and schools can do their bit by checking what their children are carrying in their bags; it’s a good way to educate youngsters too that being caught with a knife could mean they end up in serious trouble as well as risking being injured themselves.

Check the opening times of the nearest bin on the Wiltshire Police website or calling 101.

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