From April 2017 to February 2018, more than 28,000 tonnes of garden waste were collected from over 82,000 households in the Wiltshire Council area.

Subscriptions generate about £3.9 million which covers the cost of the collections.

Garden waste collection subscriptions must be renewed by June 15, Wiltshire council warns. 

Existing customers should have a unique reference number to renew their subscription either online or by phone.

New customers can visit or phone 0300 456 0103. They can sign up at any time but existing customers must renew by June.

Cost is £48 per bin for the year. Once the subscription has been renewed a new bin sticker is sent.

All garden waste is composted locally: bark, grass cuttings, cut flowers, weeds, leaves, hedge clippings, twigs and small branches.

The bins cannot be used for fruit and vegetable peelings, food waste, cardboard, paper, soil and rubble or pet litter and animal waste.

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