Locals in a picture postcard village have demanded that a prolific 20-year-old speed camera is switched on again as soon as possible.

Although it was turned on again last year, it had been dormant for five years because it was covered by an overgrown hedge.

But now the camera, which enforced the 30-mile-an-hour speed limit has been put back in mothballs at Charlton Marshall, near Blandford, Dorset.

Yesterday, Dorset Police admitted: ”It is currently not working.”

The police revealed that all of the Dorset Road fixed safety cameras sites are currently under review for digital and/or average speed upgrade with its local councils and Highways England partners.

Charlton Marshall parish councillor Pamela Higgins said: ”They have not told us. We thought it was switched on. We would like it switched back on again as soon as possible.”

The camera was initially shut down in 2013 because a hedge had grown over it.

Then, 12 months ago, Dorset Council confirmed that, at the request of the police, it painted new bright white lines on the road so the camera could be used again after the hedge was removed.

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