A North Wilts Tory MP (Devizes) Claire Perry, who voted to remain in the EU, has survived a dramatic ‘motion of no confidence.

The bombshell came at the end of a tense and heated annual meeting of Devizes Conservative Association reportedly attended by about 175 members. Normally, only about 50 members attend the annual meeting.

Government Minister of State at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Claire Perry, who attends Cabinet, had been quizzed by members for nearly an hour.

Out of the blue, a member stood up and put forward the motion under Any Other Business.

But the chairman ruled it was ‘out of order’ because it was not an agenda item, then he abruptly closed the meeting in Pewsey, last week, Valley News was told.

The MP was criticised for abstaining in the dramatic ‘no deal’ Brexit vote in the House of Commons earlier this month.

An insider who attended the meeting said:”A guy stood up and tried to put down a motion of no confidence in Claire, but as that was not on the agenda it could not go through – it was ruled out of order.

“It came under any other business – right at the end of the meeting but turned down by the chairman. The meeting then ended.

Questions from members for nearly an hour included her critical abstention in the vote.

“The consensus from the floor was everyone wanted to get out. No-one was there for remain.

“It was a tense and heated meeting – there were about 175 members there.”

Brigadier Peter Sharpe, chairman of the association, confirmed he ruled the motion of ‘no confidence’ in her out of order because it was not an agenda item.

“The conservative party does not deselect sitting MP’s – it reselects that is in our constitution. There is a time for that – not now.”

He added:”She was professional – she answered all the questions. She was tired but she was passionate.”

Ms Perry was elected MP for Devizes in 2010 and coves the Durrington area.

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