THE TEMPEST  is performed by award-winning ‘Illyria’ as part of “Shakespeare’s Weekend” on 3pm, Sunday, September 8 at the ELIZABETHAN PLAYHOUSE, MANOR FARM, CORSLEY, WARMINSTER, BA12 7QE

Sir John Thynne lived in the Manor at Corsley in the 1560s while building his grand estate at Longleat. Later, his widow Dorothy and Sir Carew Raleigh were married from the house, with Carew’s brother Sir Walter as best man. While Sir John provided the setting, the Raleigh brothers were the artistic inspiration for the Playhouse.

“In converting Sir John Thynne’s Wayne House into a Playhouse, we have tried to replicate the Elizabethan theatres that Carew and Walter Raleigh would have visited. We have taken details, adapted and adopted and been as authentic to that Age as today’s world permits.

“The Tempest is widely recognised as Shakespeare’s last complete work and the greatest of plays. The magician Prospero is marooned on an island with his daughter Miranda. With the assistance of a powerful air spirit he keeps in servitude, he conjures up a storm to shipwreck his enemies on the shore of the island. Inexorably, they are driven towards the centre of the island to answer to Prospero – until Prospero learns that, in spite of everything, Miranda has met and fallen in love with Ferdinand, the son of his enemy. Which is the greater – his thirst for revenge or his aptitude for forgiveness? And why did Shakespeare write The Tempest?

Tickets at £30 include the play, an introduction by scholar Professor Gerard Kilroy, Champagne Tea in the Hall of the Manor and more. or 01373 832113

Places are limited

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