The UK is experiencing its hottest summer in decades. In fact, when the season officially began last month, reports from ITV specified that the peak temperature recorded was almost 34deg. C. All throughout the summer, the UK is expected to have much warmer weather compared with previous years.

As a result, more Brits are now enjoying the outdoors. More are spending time in the garden, as it’s the easiest and quickest way to relax and take advantage of the nice, sunny weather.

This is also why garden trends this season are perfectly aligned not just for beautifying certain areas, but for enticing homeowners to allot more time to the garden as well, despite their busy daily schedules. That being said, here are some of summer 2017’s top garden trends.

Try pallet gardening.

Spending time in the garden sometimes calls for a barbecue and/or family picnics, and what better way to prepare for such occasions than to cook food that everyone can share? Many homeowners now take it upon themselves to source the freshest ingredients by growing their own produce.

But aside from conventional gardening, RTN mentioned that wooden pallets are the hottest plant boxes around. They’re easy to acquire, eco-friendly, cost-effective and take relatively little effort to repurpose. You even have the bonus of knowing exactly where many of the ingredients came from, so you can rest assured that your loved ones are going to enjoy healthy meals.

Garden furniture takes centre stage.

Of course, picnics would not be as delightful without the right furniture. DIY and Crafts magazine stated that pieces of furniture like picnic tables and benches should be the focal point of your garden.
To make your garden more unique, you can paint the items in eye-catching colours. Pastel colours like yellow and orange go best with all the green shades in your garden.

You don’t need to stick with traditional styles either. For instance, for outdoor-gardening/picnic-tables, Screwfix lists an array of classic picnic tables, such as the common round and square variations, but there are other unconventional options like oblong picnic tables. By picking unique garden furniture, you are adding your own style to your back garden.

Light up the nights.

With very warm summer days this year, it’s not surprising we are enjoying warm temperatures at night too. Garden lighting is becoming more popular, and an outdoor dinner or another form of intimate gathering is the best way for many people to start their evening.

LED lights, which come in a broad range of types and colours are now widely available on the market. For a more rustic feel though, putting up lanterns is a great choice to add a different dynamic to your garden. You may even opt for a combination of both to maximise the effect.

With these garden trends, you now have more reasons to spend the summer time outdoors. For more related news, discover other topics in our Gardening feature section.

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