Vociferous Salisbury resident Eric Hart has joined voices criticising the decision to close the city centre for an Armed Forces Day military parade

In an open letter to constituency John Glen MP, he points out that, with no public consultation, the decision was ‘a public disgrace’.

Mr Hart claims he had received a letter signed by Alistair Cunningham of Wiltshire Council stating that public highway access to a substantial part of Salisbury City would be completely stopped on June 29 from 6am until 2pm “for an event created solely for the self applause of public officials, public servants and associated personnel.”

In his letter to Mr Glen, Mr Hart wrote: “No public consultation whatsoever has taken place about such stoppages and the inconvenience to local residents and workers is a public disgrace.

“There can be no justification whatsoever for the failure to consult local residents and taxpayers ……… seriously disruptive of day-to-day use of the public highways. Such failure demonstrates total contempt for the people of Salisbury City. Other events organised under much the same conditions are similarly contemptuous.”

He called on the MP to ‘openly address such public insult in the common interest.’

A stallholder on Salisbury Market has already raised a complaint, supported by other market traders.

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