Tying shoelaces seems to be a knotty problem for some children and three in 10 can’t tie their shoe laces by primary school leaving age, according to a survey by OSGO to coincide with National Feet Week, May 13 to 20.

Of 500 parents surveyed, 46% thought being able to tie your own laces was an important life skill, yet 62% of parents admitted to tying their children’s laces for them to save time and stress every morning and 57% said their children had no interest in tying their shoelaces and were not bothered about learning.

Footwear design and fashion trends mean many children don’t wear shoes with laces until much later than in previous generations, who were expected to learn by the age of around seven. Velcro and pull-on designs are the most popular among parents because of ease of use and time-saving.

But 76% of parents said they taught their children to tie laces at home , and only 14% relied on school to teach their child. # During National Feet Week, OSGO wants parents to help their children learn this essential life skill which helps to support feet as they continue to grow and develop.

Shockingly one mum claimed: ‘My 11 year old son plays football on Saturdays and the matches are regularly stopped for referees to tie players’ laces!’

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